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Cleaning and Restoration

Clean and Varnish Paintings

An oil painting should not be varnished until six months after completion. An acrylic painting should only be cleaned with a damp cloth – maybe a little mild detergent. They should not be varnished. We do have a coating that protect and brighten them. However, this coating cannot be removed later.

After several years an oil may need an emulsion cleaner, then more varnish. The varnish collects contaminates (instead of the painting), and at some point will need to be removed and re-varnished. Any repairs need to be completed before varnish removal.

We usually recommend a gloss varnish. It has clarity that mat or satin does not. “Flatteners” are added to varnish to give it a nonglossy surface. This causes the varnish to lose some clarity.

We can do some restoration to paintings. Depending on the painting and its condition, it may need to be shipped to a Conservator.

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