Custom Framing Services

Custom Frames

We use only real wood for our framing materials in addition to our metal frames. (There is a great deal of disguised particle board and plastic frames in the industry) It is all cut and joined here allowing precise fitting, corner matching and quality control.

Only at Exum’s do you get corners matched when there is a match in the pattern. We also have a corner joining system not available anywhere else in Texas. We use only conservation grade materials for mats and backing, not to be confused with lesser “acid free” materials. The minimum technology for attachment of your item meets Library of Congress standards.

Ready Made  Stock Frames

Many times a stock frame will do what you want and you will usually get more for your money with a standard size frame. We have several hundred available to you.

Standard sizes are 5×5 – 4×6 – 5×7 – 8×10 – 11×14 – 16×20 – 20×24 – 24×30 – 24×36 – 30×40.

Photo Frames

We keep a selection of easel back photo frames that are more sophisticated and high quality than you will find elsewhere. If you request it, we will change to UV glass to improve the life span of your photo. Also, a glossy photo is very likely to stick to glass and cannot be removed and we have another solution that solves this problem. We can also fabricate an easel back for any of our stock or custom frames.

Finished Corner Frames

Finished or closed corner frames are the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship and are not comparable with the cut and joined frames that are commonly available. Finished corner frames are the first choice of museums and galleries.

These frames are exquisitely detailed and reflect the ultimate in quality framing. Our closed corner samples are available in gold, silver, natural wood, leather and more, in a range of styles and profiles. When you’re looking for elegant, high-end framing, closed-corner frames will take your art to the next level.

Glass Choices

Plain and refection control glass is still available, but seldom used. The UV filtering glass causes things to last much longer. If it means enough to you to have it custom framed, it deserves this protection. The reflection control glass does not distort the image as much as the non glare.

Conservation Clear and Reflection Control

Conservation clear looks just like plain but is protective and conservation reflection control has UV protection. This costs more than the clear, and causes a slight “hazing” of the image. We recommend clear unless there is a big glare problem.

Museum Glass

This is really nice glass. You can easily see the difference. It is also expensive. You should look at the samples before you decide.


Many times this is the best choice. It is available in Clear, Nonglare, and UV filtering. (Museum grade. Not the same as Museum Glass)


This is a rather technical area, but important for the longevity and value of what you frame. We continually see framing where a framer has used a method that has caused deterioration and/or degraded the value of the artwork. This seems especially true of art bought already framed. It would take a small book to explain all the different procedures for all the different media, however we are glad to discuss this in regard to your project. It would be smart to always ask “how will this be attached” before leaving something to be framed anywhere.

Paper can be “hinged” with one of three appropriate tapes, Mulberry paper hinges with wheat starch, edge or corner holders, dry mounted, spray mounted, wet mounted,most important is choosing the correct method for a particular application.

Canvas Stretching

We have been stretching artist ‘s canvas since 1965.

If you have a rolled canvas painting or print, a family heirloom or any other art that is no longer tight, we can stretch the canvas restoring the piece to its full potential.

Stretching a canvas results in a beautiful, ready-to-hang artwork that can be displayed as is, or framed in a Picture or Canvas Floater frame. We offer many options for stretching your special piece.

Apart from stretching your canvases, we can also professionally frame them too! With a huge range to choose from you’ll definitely find a style to suit your taste.


Exums offers a wide color palette and selection of high quality acid free mats to choose from, whether you decided on a single, double or triple matting style. You can be confident that Exum’s will help you explore all your matting options and to make the perfect choice in matting for your individual piece of artwork.


Also called “slips” or “mat liners”. The ones we use are made of wood, that are finished just like a frame in gold, silver, wood, colors, etc.They are used like a double mat. Many times we use a double mat and a fillet. Because they are made of wood, they need to be shielded from the art that they touch. Our clients choose this treatment over 90% of the time. They can also be used to line the inside edge of a frame with no mat.

Sample of Glass Mat

Glass Mats

This is not done too often, but it can be very attractive. Basically, the back of a piece of glass is painted or leafed, usually with more than one color. There is a lot of room for experimentation here. The down side is that if the glass is broken it is all over.

French Mats

This is a classic mat treatment. Any color of mat may be used, but some shade of white is the most common. The show begins with drawing lines with a ruling pen and ink. The lines can be different widths and colors. We can stop here, or the area between two lines can be colored with water color or pastel – or book binders paper.

Sample of French Mat


Picture Lights

Although often overlooked, these can add visual appeal to your framing.  These also add to the atmosphere and “feel” of a room.  We have a very good selection for size and finish in high quality lights.

We have found a battery powered picture light that works. It mounts on the ceiling instead of the picture frame. To learn more come visit us to see a demo, or go to

Picture Lights